Restore your vital energy with our range of traditional therapies, mindfulness practices, yoga and meditation and a selection of retreat programs.



Sound is vibration, and vibration touches every part of our physical being. Sound is heard not only through the ears, but through every cell of the body. Fall into a deep state of relaxation, meditation, and healing as your expert therapist uses a set of Himalayan singing bowls to balance your energy, body and mind.



Renowned Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation; awakens the body’s innate healing ability, by ‘laying on hands’ allowing life force energy to flow and release blockages. As a result feel a deep sense of calm, peace & well-being. 

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In the practice of yoga the ultimate aim is one of self- realisation and self-development. Allow our yoga instructor to lead you into a practice, which aims to realign and balance body and mind. A class of guided meditation, a journey inward, which helps to find your inner peace, allowing your inner light to shine. Enjoy a feeling of inner calm and peace of mind.