GO - OFFLINE: offline from social media, offline from news, offline from internet surfing.

Why can being offline increase your energy and vitality? Energy flows where focus goes. If your focus is consistently directed outside, then your energy naturally flows there. Valuable mental and physcial energy that could support your vitality and sense of peace are given away.

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If we direct our mental focus constantly on anything else but ourselves we deprive ourselves of valuable energetic resources. Think about it: how do you feel after watching the NEWS, having browesed endless sites, followed endless social media leads etc... How much value did that give you? How much did this improve the quality of your feelings in that particular moment?

Give yourself the gift of the following challenge:

1. Pick a time of the day where you find yourself "browsing around" without a clear purpose. For example before/after work. I'm suggesting here a time which is not work related and a time you - deeep inside you know - in fact I dont need/want to be online now.

2. Interupt the pattern: you feel the urge to just check the mails, just tweet, or just check it out....; change your mental focus immidiatley - think about somehting else: What could that something else be? Anything silly as a pink elephant, what you want to eat for dinner, your next workout, things to put on your bucket list , some of your dreams, a book you wanted to start to read. The point is to see something that creates more quality pleasure and a sense of satisfaction than being online in that moment.

3. Gain control: by interrupting the pattern and re-directing your focus, you start to gain control. In this control lies freedom, as you find yourself filling your time with value and things which might be close to your heart. Maybe, instead, you start reading that book that sits for so long already on your nightstand and reveals some valuable nuggests. Or you use the time and tick a few more things from your To-Do-List. Out of a sudden you realize what delicious quality moments you have added to your day.

Bottom Line: a new stream of energy , a sense of fulfilment or accomplishment may rush through you. Boosting your SELF, becoming the master of your time. Feeling in control also helps to combat a sense of overwhelm, one of the biggest stressors effecting our immune system.

It may sound silly, but try it out. Just being in control and not being controlled by the social media urge, gives a great sense of freedom and energy, effecting positively & wholely body.