Allow us to share our passion for beauty, healing and well-being. It is our commitment to inspire and assist you on your path to holistic, joyful and healthy living.


Under the leadership of Renate Hermes Duniye Spa Group became a winner of several international awards and recognitions, which testifies to thequality of the enchanting spa and well-being rituals guests experience. Duniye Spa’s therapists share their passion, knowledge and professional dedication with guests. 

Duniye Spa was founded upon the vision to provide and create a special place to experience holistic well-being. Founded in 2002 by a group of international hotel owners Duniye Spa has become a leading spa management + consultancy company in The Maldives and Indian Ocean region


When you visit Duniye Spa you will experience world class spa facilities in unique, unsurpassed surroundings. While our caring and passionate spa professionals bestow their expert touch upon you, you will drift away with the sound of the ocean; fascinating color shades from turquoise lagoons to purple orange sunsets are soul inspiring and part of your Maldivian spa experience here at Duniye Spa.