The father of modern mindfulness Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn defines Mindfulness as “ the awareness that arises to paying attention on purpose in the present moment non judgmentally in the service of self-understanding.”

The quality and value of mindfulness lies in moment to moment non-judgmental awareness, to strengthen feelings such compassion, loving kindness, self-compassion.

It seems that the term “mindfulness” is often hijacked for various diffuse concepts and trendy terminology in emerging wellness trends. Mindfulness is an ancient, time proven way of ‘being-doing’- that has been practiced across cultures and centuries. Thanks to the profound work of Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn it has found its way into modern mainstream medicine, culture and society.

When things around us seem to disintegrate, we are longing stronger than ever to find integration, peace and calm. We have a need to connect to our sanity, to our wholeness. We want to feel that we are ok. We are OK.

The quickest way to create a sense of calm and peace is your body, your breath. Invite your awareness to your breath, observe any sensation you might feel right now, right here. Notice it, let it be, hold it in your awareness, observe it. Thank your breath, thank your body for the miraculous way it takes care of it self. You don’t need to think of breathing. It’s just happening. Simply becoming aware of it, helps us to appreciate it. And expanding our awareness we start to appreciate our wholeness, our integrity. We are ok, despite what is a happening around us.